Our Products

Marine Microalgae

Batch cultures of mono-specific marine micro algae cultures are produced in our lab and tanks, then transferred to our grow out ponds. When they reach peak nutritional quality, they are concentrated by high volume continuous centrifuge to produce a paste with the consistency of peanut butter.

Honey Mussels ™

Honey Mussels are an elite mussel, found nowhere else in the world and produced only in the cool, clean waters of British Columbia, Canada. From our rafts in Skerry Bay, Lasqueti Island, our Honey Mussels are available seasonally from June through to March. They are only sold in their prime condition, at their sweetest, with plump full shells.


As pioneers of aquaculture in British Columbia, each of our team members has over 30 years of experience in shellfish, finfish and algae aquaculture. We have travelled the world and incorporated the best ideas and techniques to our operation.