Honey Mussels ™

Honey Mussels are an elite mussel, found nowhere else in the world and produced only in the cool, clean waters of British Columbia, Canada.

From our rafts in Skerry Bay, Lasqueti Island, our Honey Mussels are available seasonally from June through to March. They are only sold in their prime condition, at their sweetest, with plump full shells.

Honey Mussel Culture Methods

Honey Mussels start life in a hatchery.

Broodstock are selected from adult mussels when they are in prime breeding stage ensuring that only mussels of superior colour and flavour are selected. The mussels are conditioned with IAP algae paste and spawned in the hatchery.

The seed is cultivated under controlled conditions prior to being seeded onto our deepwater mussel raft culture system.
It takes about 18 months for the Honey Mussels to reach market size of 6.5 cm+. They are cultured on ropes suspended in the water column to provide the individual mussels access to microscopic algae, their food source. The water they are grown in is monitored for quality to ensure no toxins are present.

This type of culture provides the mussels with the very best growing conditions that result in sweet, plump, clean, mussels.

Mussel larvae developing in the hatchery.

After 8 months mussel seed is transferred to the rafts.

Mussel ropes are hung from grow out rafts in Skerry Bay.

Mussels are cleaned and sorted before being packed for harvest.