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Algae Paste

Algae Paste is a slurry of concentrated micro algae cells. Our algae is cultured by the batch system in mono-specific cultures. They are concentrated by high volume, continuous flow centrifuges. This concentrate, or Algae Paste then has a food grade preservative / cryoprotectant added to it that ensures it a shelf-life of over a year.
Trocho Feed

TrochoFeed is a cryopreserved starter feed for larval marine fish. It is a suspension of living trochophore-stage Pacific oyster larvae in seawater, cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen until the moment they're needed. Trochophores are an ideal first feed for larval marine fish because they are 50, free-swimming ciliated organisms that are extremely high in nutritional value.

Trocho Feed Frequently Asked Questions
Trocho Feed Thawing Procedures

Shellfish Seed

IAP produces setting larvae of Pacific Oyster, European Flat Oyster, Manila Clam, Gallo Mussel, Geoduck Clam, and Japanese Scallop for British Columbia shellfish farmers. Various sizes of oyster and clam seed are available at certain times of the year.

IAP Services

IAP Technology Transfer & Consulting

IAP's staff is available at certain times of the year to consult for other companies world-wide to transfer the aquaculture technology that we have developed. Shellfish is our specialty - from the hatchery production through to the market. .

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