IAP Trocho Feed Frequently Asked Questions
A few of the most commonly asked questions about our new cryopreserved starter feed:

Question: What is TrochoFeed?
Answer: It is the free-swimming trochophore larvae of the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas).

Question: How big is it?
Answer: TrochoFeed is 50µ in diameter - much smaller than the average rotifer at 150µ. Even the "SS" type rotifers (at 100 to 120µ) are larger than TrochoFeed.

Question: Is TrochoFeed alive?
Answer: TrochoFeed has been cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen. It is "alive and well" once thawed, following our simple instructions.

Question: How does TrochoFeed move in the water?
Answer: TrochoFeed swims slowly up and down in the water column; swims in a circular, tumbling motion that makes it very easy to catch - "the perfect prey".

Question: What is the nutritional value of TrochoFeed?
Answer: TrochoFeed has a high food value. The two most important highly unsaturated fatty acids, 20:5n3 and 22:6n3, are each present at 15% of total fatty acids. Because TrochoFeed is frozen at the peak of their food value, prior to shell formation, each trochophore is also low in ash.

Question: At what rate should we feed our fish?
Answer: We, at Innovative Aquaculture Products, suggest that you feed at an average rate of 20 trochophores per ml (with an average tank stocking density), but these rates should be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your fish.

Question: Do fish like it?
Answer: In tests done on Red Drum, TrochoFeed was the preferred prey (over rotifers) for the first two days.

Question: Do we need to feed algae to trochophores like we do with rotifers?
Answer: No, trochophores are totally self contained and do not require food at this early stage of their development.

Question: Are my fish going to catch a disease?
Answer: No. The production facility is certified by the Canadian government and meets all FDA and EEC standards.

Question: Does TrochoFeed have a shelf-life?
Answer: TrochoFeed can be stored indefinitely and is fresh and alive whenever you thaw it out.

Question: How long can I keep the TrochoFeed once it is thawed out?
Answer: TrochoFeed can be stored in the refrigerator (at 4 to 5 ºC) for 24 to 48 hours. For optimum results TrochoFeed should be used soon after thawing .

Question: Can TrochoFeed be stored in a -70 or -40 freezer?
Answer: NO!! TrochoFeed MUST be stored in liquid nitrogen.

Question: Where can we get liquid nitrogen?
Answer: Liquid nitrogen can be purchased from most welding supply companies, universities, hospitals, and Artificial Insemination (AI) Centres.

Question: What are the options for buying a storage container for my facility so that I can always have TrochoFeed on hand?
Answer: The containers are called "Liquid Nitrogen Refrigerator" and are available from any scientific supplier (e.g. Cole Parmer) for approximately US $800, or we can loan you one with $500US Deposit.

Question: How often do I need to replace the liquid nitrogen?
Answer: The TrochoFeed will arrive in a temporary storage container called a "Dry shipper". The dry shipper has been chilled to liquid nitrogen temperature, but contains no liquid. The TrochoFeed straws must be transferred to the "Liquid Nitrogen Refrigerator" within a week of shipment; this "Refrigerator" needs to be topped up weekly with liquid nitrogen.

Question: What type of oyster do you use to produce TrochoFeed?
Answer: TrochoFeed is made from the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas.

Question: Will TrochoFeed allow the Pacific oyster to become established as an introduced species in foreign waters? If uneaten trochophores are discharged into the ocean, will they set and become Pacific oysters?
Answer: TrochoFeed has been designed so that normal larval development will not occur (less than 0.1% will continue through "D-stage"). Water temperature will affect the growth and development of trochophore larvae - they cannot develop and metamorphose at temperatures below 10 degrees C. If there is concern, and your water temperature is above 10ºC, simply do not discharge into the ocean; or filter all effluent water through a 20µ filter bag.

Question: Where can I order TrochoFeed?
Answer: Call or Fax the sales office at:

Innovative Aquaculture Products Ltd.
Skerry Bay, Lasqueti Island
BC, Canada, V0R 2J0
Tel: (604) 248-8615 or Fax: (604) 755-9531

Question: How much does TrochoFeed cost?
Answer: Straws contain a minimum of 30 million trochophores. 1 to 8 straws are US$75 each, 9 to 30 straws are US$60 each and 31 to 100 straws are US$45 each. There is a US$ 100 handling fee on all shipments of TrochoFeed, regardless of size. All prices are quoted in US dollars.

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