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TrochoFeed is a cryopreserved starter feed for larval marine fish. TrochoFeed is the first and only "instant live feed" for marine larval rearing. It is a suspension of living trochophore-stage Pacific oyster larvae in seawater, cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen until the moment they're needed to feed your fish. Trochophores are an ideal first feed for larval marine fish because they are 50µ, free-swimming ciliated organisms that are extremely high in nutritional value. 

It's well known that live first feeds out-perform artificial diets. Rotifers are the most common live food. but TrochoFeed is a quarter of its size (bite size) for your microscopic larval fish. TrochoFeed don't have to be cultured, they are ready to feed within an hour of being thawed. Oyster trochophores have been known for years to be an excellent first feed for larval marine fish; until now, however, the difficulty of obtaining them has made them an impractical diet.

TrochoFeed is always available because of our unique technology for cryopreserving the trochophores in bulk. We freeze them during oyster spawning season, store them in liquid nitrogen, then ship them to you, frozen in bulk, whenever you want them. Frozen- thawed trochophores are alive and identical to fresh ones; fish can't tell the difference!

TrochoFeed is produced from certified disease-free selected broodstock oysters and is cultured under controlled conditions in our facility. Although our cryopreservation process ensures that fewer than 0.1% of frozen-thawed trochophores can develop normally, users in areas where the Pacific oyster is an "exotic" species may wish to pass tank effluent through a 20µ filter bag.

TrochoFeed is packaged in plastic straws that must be stored in liquid nitrogen until you are ready to feed (we can recommend a suitable liquid nitrogen container). Straws contain about 30 million trochophores. Thawing is a simple procedure requiring only a few liter's of sea water and a 20 µ screen. You can use TrochoFeed over a very-wide temperature range -- Arctic cod eat them as well as red drum and grouper.

The most important highly unsaturated fatty acids, 20:5n3 and 22:6n3, are each present at 15% of total fatty acids in TrochoFeed. Ash content is low because shell formation has not yet begun: we freeze the oyster trochophores at the peak of their nutritional value.

Buying TrochoFeed is easy. Your order of frozen TrochoFeed is shipped to you, by air cargo, in a liquid nitrogen storage tank or prechilled "dry shipper''. You transfer the frozen straws into your own storage container and then just send the shipper back to us.


Retention times' of methyl esters on supelcowax 10 capillary column

14:00 6.676 4.20
15:00 8.346 0.55
16:00 10.829 19.85
16:ln9 11.388 0.23
16:ln7 11.580 4.18
16:ln5 11.956 0.32
16:ln13tr 12.387 0.58
16:2n7 12.899 0.24
16:3n6 13.576 0.21
17:00 14.172 1.06
16:3n4 15.146 0.35
17:2n8 16.318 0.23
16:4n3 17.185 2.65
18:00 19.093 3.37
18:ln11 19.736 0.30
18:ln9 20.231 2.86
18:ln5 21.503 0.23
18:2n6 23.231 1.56
18:2n4 24.745 0.36
19:1+18:3n4 27.120 0.31
18:3n3 28.336 1.88
18:4n3 31.186 4.49
19:3n6 34.595 0.28
20:lnll 37.190 1.36
20:ln9 37.626 0.31
20:ln7 38.544 2.24
20:2f 39.434 1.11
20:2n6 41.879 0.22
20:4n6 45.558 0.92
20:3n3 46.880 0.22
20:4n3 48.676 0.74
20:5n3 50.206 15.59
22:21 53.743 0.46
22:2j 54.-115 2.74
21:5n3 56.4860 1.02
22:4n6 58.3030 0.32
22:5n6 59.5930 0.24
22:5n3 61.4860 1.01
22:6n3 62.9300 13.50
Total 92.2900
Fatty Acid profile compiled by:
Dr. J.N.C. Whyte, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)
Pacific Biological Station, Nanaimo BC

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