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We are located on a remote island in the Georgia Straits of British Columbia, on the western coast of Canada. What began as an oyster farm over 20 years ago has now become a multi-species hatchery and nursery that produces aquaculture feed, seed and technology for use worldwide. Our product line and our level of production has increased significantly over the past few years.

Innovative Aquaculture Products has a hatchery, nursery, deep water, and beach sites located in and around Skerry Bay, Lasqueti Island, B.C. The hatchery, the first privately funded oyster oyster hatchery in Canada, started operation in 1976 and has produced Pacific oysters, European oysters, and Manila clams, on a consistent basis over the years. Experimental work with other bivalve species, including mussels, and scallops is being undertaken as well.

Research into algae paste production has resulted in the formulation of preserved diets suitable for the different stages of larvae and spat production. New trends are for the production of algae paste suitable as food for rotifers, Artemia, or for early larval stages of shrimp and fish.

IAP's on-going research into remote setting has resulted in the publication of two oyster setting manuals and a clam hatchery and nursery manual. Techniques currently employed at IAP's setting facility include cultchless setting for single seed production, and setting on shell and tubes for the production of shucked product.

We have upgraded our hatchery and nursery facility at Skerry Bay to facilitate increased production of cultchless. single seed (both C gigas and O. edulis). as well as Manila clam seed.

We have increased larval production to meet increasing demands from remote setting facilities. Our most significant larval production increases have been to supply an escalating world-wide demand for our cryopreserved product, TrochoFeed and our preserved algae product, Algae Paste.

Increased world-wide demand for algae paste has had a positive effect on our scale of algae production. During our peak production season, we harvest over 60,000 liters per day to supply our needs in the hatchery and for our paste production.

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