Our Staff and Management
enjoying a few oysters at an office party.

Gordon Jones - President and General Manager of IAP, Gordon has been involved with the development of the company since its inception. When Gordon is asked what he does at IAP he often just says "Maintenance, but I don't like to make it too obvious". Gordon helps Bruce and Cathy and trys to keep ahead of things in the seed nursery.
Bruce Jones - Vice-President and Hatchery Manager, Bruce developed IAP with Gordon and has been involved in all phases of the company over the years. During the summer hatchery season Bruce can be found in the Larvae Department at all hours of the day and night "dumping and filling" larvae tanks. During the off season for the hatchery Bruce usually has several building or rebuilding projects on the go.
Cathy Sanford - Research and Development Director and Algae Department Manager, she has been with IAP since 1989. Cathy plans and directs the R&D projects at IAP . Often referred to as "the Algae Princess" by the Jones Boys, Cathy cultures the algae, mixes the algae formulas and works in the seed nursery.

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